Career path guidance and planning

We are currently in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  It is essential to know how your career path fits into the bigger picture.

A career is not just a paycheque.  By revisiting your career path and plan every five years to adjust to the requirements of the work environment, you will realise your envisioned future. 

What does this involve?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution embrace the arts, design, functional, and technical fields.

Robots and artificial intelligence are increasingly replacing the human component in work; thus, your skill set must stay current, competitive, and in demand to ensure a successful career path.

How is this done?

By applying various platforms:

  • Assessing and planning your career according to your unique personality.
  • Your unique habits will guide the ideal career choice and path.
  • A complete career report is generated based on your unique skills and abilities.
  • Prospective students receive a unique study report to assist with future studies.

When should you revise or plan your career?  TODAY – 18 or 60, it is never too late.


To purchase the career worksheet, click on the link below.

Worksheet:                  @ R575 including VAT

Career report:             @ R345

Study report:               @ R201,25

Career coaching:         @R450

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