Leadership skills development

I am fanatical about leadership. There are so few true leaders, and those presented to us as leaders are corrupt and self-serving.
A true leader guides you to heights you never thought possible – someone who leads by example.
Leaders of today are associated with corruption and incompetence. It is our responsibility as South Africans to change the status quo.
I believe that everyone has the potential to be a leader. To lead, you need to know your field of greatness and then step up to the challenge to lead in that area.
Your temperament serves as the basis of your leadership style. There can be no leadership without relationships.


Self-development is the willingness of an individual to grow skills and abilities to prepare for their future.  The effort and dedication that the individual is prepared to sacrifice in all areas to function to his/her highest potential.  Growth equals continuous positive change.

Leadership – how do you become a leader?

Every one of us has the potential to be a leader. There are, however, multiple types of leaders, with a set of tests that can be used to identify your unique leadership personality:

• Communication skills.
• Conflict resolution ability.
• Emotional intelligence.
• Inclusivity.
• Humbleness.
• Adaptiveness.
• Cultural diversity.
• Spiritual steadfastness.

Not all managers are good leaders, but all leaders are good managers.  With my guidance, you will be able to grow into the leader that God intended you to be.

Contact me to schedule a consultation:

E: anel@anelvanzyl.co.za   | C: +27 71 250 0272

Corporate and individual services rendered:

• Personal or business development.
• Personality profile analysis (a separate compulsory workshop).
• Personal career development analysis (compulsory).
• Leadership skills training.
• Communication skills training.
• Conflict resolution training.
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• Productivity & positive culture.
• Capacity building
o sustainable productivity
o preventing burnout
o stress management
o change management
• Emotional intelligence.
• Setting goals and objectives
• Time management.
• Career development.
• Organisational structuring or restructuring

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