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Marriage Counselling

Marriage Counselling, how many times do we leap into marriage with starry eyes? Promising hopes & dreams and making a commitment with the expectation of a happily ever after?! And just as many times this bubble is burst with a big BANG and is this so-called safe-haven where we were supposed to cherish and love each other transformed into a battlefield where we destroy each other to the point of having to use a razor blade to scrape what’s left of our humanity up off the floor.

We come from different homes with different upbringing and backgrounds and often with a lot of baggage. A young bride hoping to get away from her domestic circumstances or an abused young man fleeing his situation through marriage. We all then just hope it will work out.

Second marriages are taken on with the first marriage’s baggage still clinging on and the same mistakes are just being repeated. We are trapped in this vicious circle and believe that divorce is the only solution, but we have a choice and because we are standing so close to the painting we see only streaks, instead of the picture as a whole.

With Marriage Counselling, we want to help you discover each other again. Help you to understand why your spouse acts the way they do, why the other person might not be comfortable making their own decisions, why he or she does not like to socialize or why the other lacks tact. Just maybe, you’ll also discover your true self for the first time and have a better understanding of each other’s needs.

A chance to really respect each other, appreciate and accept each other for the very first time. The conflict stems from clashing views, ways of doing, communication styles and expectations, to name but a few! By comparing our Tall Trees Profile reports we often discover that the conflict is caused by very real differences in style and not by cruel intentions. We are more prone to forgive, find solutions and accept one another when we embrace the truth: We WILL differ because we ARE different!!

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